Kofi Crepes & Coffee

Calle 3, 50 metros al Sur de Avenida 1

KOFI Crepes and Coffee shop in San Ramon, Costa Rica, is not just a restaurant, it is an idyllic, air-conditioned café specializing in crepes, coffee, and a variety of delectable refreshments. Owner/chef Maiko (pronounced My-Koh), not only has a knack for artistic and unique creations which beguile the discerning palate, he is also gracious, energetic, and attentive to his customers and staff.
Emblazoned above KOFI’S stylish hand-drawn menu board with its trademark blue “F”, abides their indelible catchphrase, “ANYTIME IS KOFI TIME!”.
Whether lunch or dinner, just hanging out, or taking a well-deserved break … anytime truly is KOFI time! From the customized wood pallet service counter to the quaint coffee cup clock, eclectic playlists, and blazing 10Mb internet … KOFI comfortably seats 20 among its five tables while another 4 can leisurely unwind on the “KOFI couch” or easy chairs.

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