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San Ramon, Costa Rica is a thriving area of the Central Valley known to be one of the best and most affordable places to live in Costa Rica. San Ramon has a year round moderate climate that continues to attract those who plan to retire in Sam Roman ,Costa Rica.

San Ramon, Costa Rica is affectionately known as the “City of Poets and Presidents”. Some may consider “Moncheños” (as locals call themselves) biased in regards to their love of their hometown, but the steady increase of both national and foreign residents brings a strong argument to the table that supports locals’ enchantment and the wonder of this region of Costa Rica’s Central Valley. Taking in to account the average temperature in San Ramon year round is between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit (21-26 Celsius) it is no surprised that San Ramon is considered to have one of the best climates in the world real estate,.

San Ramon’s Size and Population

With a population of 86,610, including the city and surrounding areas, this once small town of coffee farmers has grown into a major center of commerce and arguably the most important in the Central Highlands outside of the greater metropolitan area. The width of the Canton of San Ramon is 71 kilometers from the northwest to southeast corner and spans 2% of Costa Rica’s total territory at 1119 square kilometers in size. While it is a thriving city, San Ramon still maintains the charm and beauty of a typical Costa Rican pueblo.

San Ramon, Costa Rica OverviewPeople and Diversity in San Ramon

Home to a diverse group of people including but not limited to: working professionals, entrepreneurs, farmers, students and retirees San Ramon or “Moncho” is no longer “small time” but an epicenter of ideas, culture and growing businesses with a keen focus and patriotic pride to maintain the heritage of it’s traditions and culture.

San Ramon’s Strategic Location

San Ramon is located on the Northern side of Costa Rica’s Central Valley making it relatively close in proximity to many different destinations. Costa Rica is one of the world’s most diverse natural wonders with something for everyone. Whether you are an adventure seeker, nature and wildlife lover, explorer, retiree or somewhere in between, there is so much here to experience.

Below are a few popular destinations including drive time and distance from San Ramon:

– Juan Santamaria Airport (SJO): 35 minutes | 41 kilometers

Volcano Arenal in La Fortuna: 1 hour and 30 minutes | 72.8 kilometers

Port of Puntarenas: 1 hour | 52 kilometers

Monteverde: 2 hours | 88 kilometers

Jaco Beach: 1 hour and 45 minutes | 89 kilometers

San Jose: 1 hour and 15 minutes | 57 kilometers (with moderate morning traffic)

Restaurants in San Ramon, Costa Rica

The restaurant and food scene in town continues to grow in both variety and quality providing options for all budgets and preferences. Offering a selection of local favorites and a rising number of foreign delicacies, you will be able to find something intriguing or familiar to your taste buds. On the odd chance you aren’t able to find what you are looking for – be patient, at the frequency that flourishing restaurants are sprouting up it won’t belong till your new favorite spot opens it’s doors for business.

San Ramon, Costa Rica San Ramon, Costa

 Where to Stay in San Ramon

Staying at one of the many cozy bed and breakfasts, not too mention the great hotels and hostels, more often then not includes a tasty breakfast spread including fresh tropical fruits, coffee and delicious gallo pinto. Whether you are looking to stay close to town or want to get away from it all on a luxurious romantic getaway you will find it here.


If you are looking for a friendly and safe place to stay on a tight budget be sure to check Hostel Sabana.  Edgar and his family run the business together after his decision to retire from corporate life to spend more time with family.



Bed & Breakfast

A short drive from the Centro of San Ramon, Casa Amanecer is a wonderful mountain escape tucked into the green hills on the way to the neighborhood of Concepcion de San Ramon. After a restful nights sleep, enjoy a fresh Costa Rican style breakfast alongside your cafe con leche while you take in the morning view of volcano Espíritu Santo

San Ramon’s Stunning Mountain and Ocean Views

At the edge of Costa Rica’s central highlands and an average altitude of 3500 feet above sea level, you can find picturesque views almost anywhere you go. San Ramon is made up of a diverse landscape from the close to symmetrical beauty of the numerous lush green coffee farms, to the awe-inspiring sunset and ocean views from neighborhoods such as El Empalme, Berlin, Magallanes and Piedades Sur.

San Ramon’s Growing Retirement and Expat Community

Because of the estimated 500 foreigners living in the area, there plenty of English speakers for newcomers to surround themselves with as they integrate in to the culture and life in San Ramon, Costa Rica.

Farmers Market in San Ramon

Every Friday afternoon from 12:00pm to 8:00pm and Saturday morning from 6:00am to 12:00pm the “Feria del Agricultor” is a great spot to get your fresh, organic and locally grown produce, meats, seafood and cheeses. Flowers, medicinal plants, fresh herbs, coconut oil and dark chocolate can also be found among the vender booths. If you are looking to taste some typical Costa Rican culture, be sure to get yourself a tortilla palmeada con queso (Homemade tortilla with cheese) or some chicharrones for a salty treat. If you are looking for a drink to make it combo take a bite of your snack and walk over to a neighboring booth for a fresh coconut (Pipa Fria).

San Ramon Museum

The Regional Museum was established in 1977 has a non-profit museum of the University of Costa Rica. The museum’s mission is to urge the population to preserve and value their natural and cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible, through investigation, diffusion and education with the primary objective of contributing to the integral development of the region as well as the country.

The Museo Regional de San Ramón provides well presented and very interesting information about the history of the region in each of their galleries. The different galleries include: la Regional History, Exhibition Gallery, Natural History, Literature and Figures and the Center for Youth Literature. The Musuem regularly hosts events, presentations and concerts so be sure to stop in or check the museum’s website or Facebook page for up to date information.

Important Dates in San Ramon’s History:

1844: The Village was established and given the name San Ramon by Ramón Solís y Ramón Rodríguez
1846: The first constituational mayor was named
1856: The Canton of San Ramon was created1879 The first library  was founded

1916: San Carlos and Alfaro Ruiz created the Provincia of San Ramon
1946: Inauguration of the San Ramon Market
1951: Opening of the first Banco Nacional de Costa Rica
1955: Inauguration of the Hospital Carlos Luis Valverde Vega
1968 The University of Costa Rica approves the creation of the Regional University Center of San Ramon
1977: Creation of the Regional Museum

Neighborhoods of San Ramon, Costa Rica

El Centro
El Empalme
Piedades Norte
Piedades Sur
San Pedro
Rio Jesus
Los Ángeles
San Juan
San Rafael
San Isidro
Calle Leon
La Paz
La Esperanza
Bajo Zuñiga

San Ramon Summary

When considering where to spend a good amount of your time when you are in country, let alone if you are looking to relocate, put San Ramon, Costa Rica at the top of your list.

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The diversity of culture, people, landscape, and amenities coupled with the perfect year round temperature that is yours to enjoy no matter what you love to do and how you love to live, makes San Ramon the perfect place to call home. You can easily enjoy all that Costa Rica has to offer from its central location, while settling in to the true feel of what is like to live the ‘pura vida’ lifestyle.

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