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Negotiating the slippery slope of renting or purchasing of homes and property in San Ramon Costa Rica or any foreign country is very difficult unless there is a reliable and honest professional firm you can rely on that has had feet on the ground in the country for a number of years and fully understands the necessary elements of successful renting, purchasing property or building in the country. Having lived in San Ramon Costa Rica for some 9 years, and having had homes built for rental and later sales, one should fully realize the potential for disaster if there is not a reliable builder, rental agent and realty firm to rely on.

Why You Should Choose Tim

Tim Burke San Ramon Costa Rica Real Estate Agent

We have found from our association with Tim Burke @ Why Not Costa Rica that his work fits all of these requirements. He has been involved in the building, rental, and sales of our properties for a number of years in Costa Rica with outstanding results. We have found that Costa Rica, unlike many countries in Latin America, has a very strict building code…. and Tim is aware of how important it is to build to these codes religiously unlike some others who may not be as professional in their building of homes.

Our Recommendation

We wholeheartedly endorse Tim @ Why Not Costa Rica for any acquiring of property, the building or purchase of homes, or rental thereof.

Bob and Debby Stone
El Empalme, San Ramon, Costa Rica

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