Savory a La Thai | Thai Food

Piedades Norte

Savory A La Thai, Thai food restaurant in San Ramon, Costa Rica is the latest gift to the Central Valley’s culinary experience, and it will not disappoint! While you are looking over the menu and the large pictures, which also kindly list the calorie content, the aroma of all of the wonderful fresh ingredients is inviting you to try one of everything, because it is just too hard to decide on just one item!

Each menu item can be made to order, direct from the ‘fire’ to your table, with the choice of vegetarian, chicken, pork, or shrimp (goong in Thai) for any dish. Since ‘spicy’ is relative, they are happy to add it to your dish while creating it, or just as easily put it on the side for you to decide how brave you want to be that day! The flavor profiles are incredible, as they use the freshest ingredients, organic whenever possible, with many of those organic items coming right out of their garden and their neighbor’s greenhouse who watches over their ingredients with care while they’re at the restaurant.

Each dish is affordably priced at an average of under 3,500 colones, it is easy to get a few things on the table so that you can try a little bit of everything, from savory to sweet and everything in between. You can eat there, take it to go, call them for delivery, or place your order to have it hot and ready as soon as you arrive.

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Savory a la Thai | Thai Food in San Ramon, Costa Rica!