Peli’s Restaurant

100 meters east of Sinem Music School

If you are looking for a great lunch or dinner spot on a budget Peli’s Restaurant in San Ramon is a must try….again and again! David lived in the Northeastern part of the United States for over 10 years running a catering business. It does not take more than a single bite to realize this is not his first “rodeo”. Peli’s menu consists of a good mix of options. Fantastic typical casado style lunch specials are one of his staples varying from tilapia with fresh homemade tarter sauce to barbecue chicken. Also be sure to try the pastas, burgers, salads and paninis. Peli’s is raising the standard on quality and lowering the price of a great meal in one shot! With everything on the menu being under 4000 colones and lunch specials under 3000 colones Chef David and Peli’s Restaurant in San Ramon is hard to beat!