Ocean View Farm or Development

San Ramon, Costa Rica $145,000

Truly an exceptional and unique property! It’s one of the most prime undeveloped farms/acreage for sale in this area. The property is located at the very top of Piedades Sur, at 3,500 feet above sea level, with vast views of the Central Pacific and local mountains.

When we write “Exceptional” we really mean it. This land is perfect for building a private home, villa, or hotel, with gorgeous 360 degree views as far as the eye can see.

This property has its very own water spring for water collection year-round, as do the stream that runs through the property as well.

This land is suitable for people who want lots of space, privacy, horses/cattle, etc. It’s definitely a “dream” spot for perhaps a family compound.

This property is on a public road, which means that technically it can be used for a hotel or commercial project. However, you can run a bed and breakfast here, as long as it’s a single building in which you live in… so you can rent rooms out. You also have the option to subdivide and could theoretically make up to 12 individual lots here, each with its own individual rental villa, so it could work as an eco-village or eco lodge too.

This is definitely one of the best properties to invest in, if you’re looking for a high return on investment, but it’s not a “turnkey” project. Like many of the best gems in the area, it’s a diamond in the rough, and deserves a creative mind to bring it to a finished product.


Tim Burke
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