FarmaGAP Central Pharmacy

Northeast corner of the Mercado Municipal

FarmaGAP Central Pharmacy in San Ramon, Costa Rica has been a staple in the heart of the central market of the municipal block for 12 years. Close to the bus station and centrally located for ease of access to the residents of San Ramon , they are able to better serve people’s medicinal needs. Providing dedicated, knowledgeable, pharmacists who have a heart to serve the people of San Ramon is the main goal of the owners, Gustavo Jiminez and Ana Patricia Salas Villalobos (Patricia), who also are two of the three pharmacists always available for their clients. As lifetime residents of San Ramon and its surrounding area, their desire is to offer the largest selection of products, both medicines and medical supplies, in stock at all times at the best prices for all those private pay clients who enter through their doors.

Mindful of their clientele, they try to maintain the longest business hours possible every day, from 7am – 9pm, so that no one has to go unattended.

They also provide other services, such as blood pressure readings, delivery services, house calls to administer medications, provide at-home care, and have relationships with nurses and doctors on call and available to meet any at home patient needs. FarmaGAP Central Pharmacy in San Ramon has a good number of English speaking regular customers who are just as grateful to their attention and care as the life-long residents of Costa Rica are.

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#1 Favorite Pharmacy in San Ramon



  1. I’m interested in purchasing a pharmacy, preferably in San Jose Escazu. 1

    1. Hi Christian,

      You can give Joe a call at 6007-2299 for help with finding a pharmacy.

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