New Price $39,000, Affordable Ocean View 1.25 Acre Lots!

$39,000 / San Ramon, Costa Rica

Affordable ocean view 1.25 acre lots in San Ramon, Costa Rica.  We currently have four lots to choose from and first come first serve to pick your favorite.  Everyone loves a distant ocean view of the Pacific Ocean and then at sunset things really come alive and make the perfect ending to each day.  Many sellers are looking to charge $80,000 to $130,000 for similar lots, but we are offering these at a great price of only $39,000.  So whether you are looking to build now or in the distant future , this could be a good opportunity to lock in a great price and build at your leisure.

San Ramon is located just off of the Pan-American Highway which gives you a convenient location to the beaches, airport, and the hot springs.  You will enjoy a climate of 70-80 degrees year round and the homes don’t even have heating or air conditioning as they are not needed!  With this kind of climate, it is possible to put a stick in the ground and watch it take root and begin to produce in a short time.  There is also a thriving expat community for activities, hobbies, and charitable functions and out reaches.

Why Not Costa Rica has builders to help make your home dreams a reality at an affordable cost and just the way you want it.   We currently have a home that is available to tour and see the kind of quality and attention to detail that you would want and expect.  Whether your budget is $150,000 or $400,000, we can help build and move you into your new home in Costa Rica.

Why Not Costa Rica is here for you and would love to show you this awesome ocean view clear titled lots that are ready to build whenever you are.  Give Tim a call at 6007-2299 or in the States at 561-344-7313.


  1. Me podría enviar información de los lotes? Adónde en San Ramón quedan?

    1. El Empalme, San Ramon. Llama Joseph para mas informacion 6007 2299

  2. Hi Tim,
    I’d like to get more info about those lots. The oceanview is from the ground level or from the second story?
    Do you have map of the lots?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Marius,

      These lots are ocean view from the ground level! I will work on sending over maps for you to look at and let me know if you have any other questions.

      Thank you,


  3. Thank you Tim, looking to get your info.

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