Inspiring is the first thing that comes to mind when describing  Finca Luna Nueva, the 207 acre Biodynamic farm located approximately 1 hour 20 minutes by car from San Ramon de Alajuela as you head toward La Fortuna.

Neighboring the Children’s Eternal Rainforest and hugging a protected 250,000 acres of primary rainforest, Finca Luna Nueva’s herbal paradise, ecolodge and training center complete with tours to tantalize your seasonal senses through its site, smell and savory sanctuary, will not disappoint.

When first meeting the founder, Steven Farrell, I had no idea that the farm existed (shame on me!) and that Steven had so much to offer to even the aspiring organic farmer burgeoning deep inside of me.  On the chance meeting that we had while purchasing items for our first attempts at our own hydroponic  greenhouse, Steven was invaluable with the tips that he so freely shared to help us get started.  You saw his passion for organic, sustainable, biodynamic, regenerative agriculture , and permaculture along with his vast knowledge of botany and the biology of Costa Rica with every passionate word he spoke.

I was so excited to know that there was a farm like Finca Luna Nueva close enough to San Ramon to go visit even if it was just for a day, so when he extended the invitation to come for a tour I jumped on it!  It was easy to find on the beautiful ride that eventually leads to Arenal Volcano, and it was like you entered a piece of paradise as you pull up to the entrance with the lodge and restaurant to greet you.

The place was bustling with people working the farm, like-minded in their passion for the community that was being created there.  Once our personal tour began, Steven walked us over every area of the farm, allowing us to sample the leaves, herbs and fruits that were available at the time in our living classroom!  Getting all of my creative juices flowing , he continued to encourage me more in how I could not only enjoy the cuttings that he so freely shared with me to extend this type of idea on my own property, but how I could personally benefit from his farm and share the experience with others.  From his medicinal plant garden to the living chop and drop fencing out of the pre-biotic Bele plant that doubled as the protein source for his chickens (and I now have in abundance to use for my hens as well as at our own table), to his simple, yet amazingly effective low work worm composting area, Finca Luna Nueva has something to offer for everyone.

Being an educator for over 20 years, the eco-educational living classroom that is Finca Luna Nueva is in a location close enough to San Ramon that must be explored and an offers experiences that shouldn’t be missed.  I look forward to going back and bringing others with me to take part in his Sacred Seed garden tour and of course, reap the benefits of the Chocolate Tour!

Prebiotic Bele Plant

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