For several decades the natural beauty and ‘Pura Vida’ (pure life) lifestyle of Costa Rica has led to an influx of a large expat community.  Because the Happy Planet Index named Costa Rica the world’s happiest country in 2009 and 2012, the draw for people around the world to become an Amerciacn expat living in Costa Rica continues to grow today.

Quality Of Life In Costa Rica

There are many factors that contribute to the overall fantastic quality of life for an expat living in Costa Rica.  Once you have time to calm down from the pace of life you have been living, the slower, more relaxed pace of things and tranquil atmosphere becomes a welcomed aspect of a new life here.

American Expat Living In Costa Rica

Options for healthy living abound.  From the Farmer’s Markets such as one of the more popular ones in San Ramon, Costa Rica, to the year round growing seasons, multiple micro-climates to choose from, sustainability and green initiatives as well as the overall available of community with other expats living in Costa Rica, it is easy to settle in and be a part of whatever lifestyle suits your needs.

American Expat Living In Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Unique Qualities

With just 0.03% of the earth’s surface within its borders, the country has an estimated 5% of the world’s species.  The unique Costa Rican world that surrounds you, puttings the country at the forefront of eco-tourism and  eco-living. Sloths, capuchin monkeys, conga (howler) monkeys, toucans, and scarlet macaws can be your welcomed new neighbors once you become an expat living in Costa Rica!

American Expat Living In Costa

Interests and Hobbies

Whatever your interest or hobby, you are sure to find others to share your passion.  From athletic activities like yoga and pickleball, to bird-watching, fundraising for those in need, organic gardening, sewing, photography, theater and more, you can get as involved and stay as busy as you like while helping others and meeting other expats living in Costa Rica from all around the world.

Affordable Medical Options

Boasting one of the best medical systems in the world, many expats living in Costa Rica have come from around the world to take advantage of the amazing world trained doctors and dentists – many who speak multiple languages, including English – as well as to benefit from the many medical programs available.  Once obtaining residency, free public health care is available and includes routine visits, prescriptions and even surgery, while paying a fraction of the cost you are most likely used to paying.  Not to mention, who can think of a better place to recuperate from any medical treatment than in Costa Rica with it’s undeniable tropical sights and sounds?American Expat Living

Ease Of Relocating And Transitioning

Bask in the knowledge that many have gone before you (including us here at Why Not Costa Rica!).  You don’t have to blaze the trail on your own.  The well established community of an expat living in Costa Rica is in every area throughout the whole of the country, and can make all the difference in helping you maneuver your new adventure and life.

The wide knowledge base of where to go, how to do it, and who can help with everything from moving, relocating, shipping, healthcare, and professional services like the real estate, translating and interpreting services of Why Not Costa Rica, are already in place with many testimonials and others who’ve gone before you and are eager to help you get settled in with ease.  It’s always nice when you can travel a well-marked path from those who’ve created it!

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Climate Choices

Whether you enjoy more temperate climates as found in the Central Valley of San Ramon, Costa Rica,  the flourishing flora and fauna found in the Rainforest areas of La Fortuna, or like the year round summer beach feel that the coastal communities such as Nosara or Manual Antonio have to offer, there is something for every expat living in Costa Rica to enjoy!

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